Being More Than “Motherless”

“To be nobody but yourself in a world, which is doing it’s best, night and day, to make you everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.”

[E. E. Cummings]

It’s late here – around 1:40am and I am still awake, thinking. The reason why I can’t sleep is, that I have been thinking about my journey here and trying to figure out where I stand.

If you have spent some time on this blog, or even if you just read the in scripture at the top, you know that I started this blog in attempt to meet other motherless daughters out there who could relate to me.

Looking back at the last couple of days, it almost feel like I lost focus of that and for a while that had me confused. I took a step back and tried to figure out, if I still wanted this blog to be what I intended it to be in the beginning: a safe place for other motherless daughters.

Surprisingly, the answer is “yes”. Very much so! It is so important for me to know, that I and my feelings are not a stranded alien without a mothership on a hostile planet. I need to know, that there are others out there and I need them to know that I here too.

However, I believe the most important part in this journey is me being authentic. Even though I made the conscious decision to remain anonymous, I still want to be all the me there is with the exception of divulging my name.

Well, all the me there is isn’t just a motherless daughter. It’s also funny, crazy, boring, annoying, needy, disciplined, hard-headed, creative, independent, contradictional and a million adjectives that come with being a young woman.

I am more than just motherless and I want to be able to share this more with everybody out there as well.

Funnily enough, I have come to the realisation, that the voice of a motherless daughter is not always faint and sad, sometimes it’s loud and overflowing with life.

And that’s a good thing!

8 thoughts on “Being More Than “Motherless”

  1. right on! I know what you mean about not wanting a label to define you, but still using it to help others find you! It’s not easy figuring this stuff out. As soon as they reach you, you find yourself miles away, like light, that’s how our stories travel. We are so much, we are not just one way, but there is a secret place, and you are journeying there. I love EE Cummings, such a great quote….
    rushing now…

    • Thank you. Thank you, Patrice for ALWAYS taking the time to listen and to comment 🙂 – Really means alot.
      As for the post – well I guess we all want to be more than just a label or more than just a number 🙂 I find the hardest to keep the balance – weird considering I’m a libra – I should be good at this 😉

  2. maybe its ok to not be balanced, to be suspended or tilted or upside down…maybe we need to do flips and hang from our knees and fall on our faces in empty halls and be glad those halls are empty (that happened to me once in 7th grade, my books went flying out in front of me like projectile vomit). you can imagine my mortification, like here I am walking, on my two feet, and suddenly I’m flying. anyway, the point is, i believe in balance, but how can we be balanced when we’re trying to dislodge something that’s stuck? hey, where do you get all those little smily emoticons…

    • Ha ha I would have loved to have been there – usually I’m the klutz in the group 😉 And you do raise an interesting point. I never thought about having to be unbalanced as a transitionary phase in order to get something unstuck. That’s really food for thought 🙂
      And now for the most important: the emoticons 😉 Just simply type in : and ) without a space inbetween them for a regular smiley and ; and ) for a winking one- I have not yet trieyed if : and p gives you one sticking out his tongue and if < and 3 makes a heart, but I will do so right now: 😛 ❤

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  4. Having a purpose for your blog gives you focus, but it doesn’t define all that you will want to write about. Think of it as a coloring book. The lines are there and you get to fill them in any way you want to, and if you want to color outside the lines so be it.

    • That’s a great way of looking at it 🙂 Although if you knew my colouring book skills you would know that there was more colour outside the lines, than inside of it 😉 But I guess that’s okay, too. I think I’m just so used to defining and labeling everything in my day job, that sometimes I forget that a lot of things “just are”. It’s great to see you back here 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂

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