4 Of 365 For 2012

[All credit to T & J Photography, whose lovely picture can be found here]

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

[E. E. Cummings]

15 thoughts on “4 Of 365 For 2012

  1. Er… not wanting to be anal or anything… but there’s 366 days this year. ;o)
    (I know because I got married on 29th February, so I only need to remember my anniversary once every 4 years.)

    • Gosh – I keep forgetting about this whole leap year thing – yikes! Thanks for clearing that up 😉 Hmmm how about I go 365 anyways and add a bonus day like an encore or something 🙂

      Clever thinking on that anniversary b.t.w., maybe that’s how I can get Phil to finally make an honest woman out of me 😉

  2. Maybe open up a courage loan system?
    One to borrow from or give excess courage when needed. Kind of like donating blood. That would make it so much easier to go out on the limbs we need to, in order to see if they can support our weight as we grow up. 🙂

    • Oh, I would of needed a whole bunch of that today – I confronted my dad on a bunch of b.s. he’s kicking around (which is extremly awkward for me because I have this sick love/hate/idolize/pleasedaddysayyouareproudofme relationship with him) – Took me two tries too, but I barely caved and hardly stuttered – gosh this must sound so pathetic, but I’m so incredibly proud of myself.
      Really took everything I had in me and more.
      Seriously, this man knows how to me make me feel like an orphan at times

      • Well I think you’re awesome for taking that risk, I’m sure he holds the world over your head since he knows you so well. I at times could use a little more (courage) myself so it encourages* me to hear you doing this.

        * was that a pun? wow, go dorky me.

        • Yeah – my dad and me that’s a couple of posts right there – not really ready to bridge that right now – will have to wait for a post of yours to trigger it 😉

          Glad I encouraged you 🙂 Go for it, seriously, I felt so much better afterwards oh and yes my own personal little secret to semi-harmonic criticism: Say stuff like “I feel” or “In my opinion” or “The way I see it”, don’t EVER say things like “You do xyz” “That’s xyz” – Don’t generalize, just stay subjective. I’ve found that people tend to react more positiv to criticism when you make it sound subjective, rather than objective

          Somehow saying “You know what, you are a complete and utter dickhead!” sounds way harsher than “You know what, in my opinion, you are a complete and utter dickhead!” (Don’t ask me why, I don’t make the rules – I just know they work!)

          Can’t wait for your follow-up post tomorrow – sounds like fun, should I get some popcorn? 😉

  3. Starting a new reply..your comment settings are set to 3 it seems 😉

    laughing here, I’ll do my best to trigger something for sure! 🙂

    Tonight’s post is scheduled for 12 am EST, I should figure out how to make you an author so the time difference thing isn’t so crazy (and there’s certainly things I could use feedback on before posting!). Are you just getting up in Germany? I fell asleep last night trying to do the time math in my head -sleep assaulted me before I figured it out.

    • Interesting – I have no clue what my settings are – seriously I inserted a picture in the template and – drumroll – my blog was done 😉

      I think it’s 6 – 7 hours (I think eastcoast is 6 hours, west coast 8 and TX and the midwest is 7 – not sure though) and we are ahead of you (meaning I’m way past my bedtime – again – it’s 23:59h right now – so basically 12 am our time) Considering I get up in about – ahhhh – let me see 6 1/2 h max, that really doesn’t give me much beauty sleep (you ever said diamonds were a girls best friend did not the first thing about a good concealer 😉 )

      The feedback thing – ah well the downside of transatlantic, long distance relationsships 😉 But it’s always worth the wait (kind of like a miniature christmas – how do you like that?! You are my personal miniature santa bearing gifts of the written word 😉 ) (Plus you can always e-mail me – my guess is I’ll still be up another half hour or so)

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