6 Of 365 (366) For 2012

[ All credit for this picture to Look me Luck Photography, whose picture can be found here ]

“Let us be moral.

Let us contemplate existence”

[Charles Dickens]

9 thoughts on “6 Of 365 (366) For 2012

    • Hmmm, yes, I guess so – It just seemed so “judging” (but maybe that was just my interpretation of it)

      I have these days where I feel downright ugly – like a joke of nature (with a really weird sense of humour) and when I walk down the streets on one of those days, I get incredibly paranoid – I feel like everybody is staring at me, judgingly.

      So maybe I was reading something else into it, because of that 🙂

      • Yeah…it’s hard to know what is in the mind of another. When I see someone like that, like my own mother, whom I just visited the other day, my heart is awash in something, I don’t know…despair maybe. The bent posture is hard to witness, like life is resting itself on the man’s back to steady itself, wholly unaware the man in being crushed by its weight.

        It’s so funny, how subjective beauty is. You are adorable, it’s hard for me to imagine you ever feel ugly 😉

        • You know, that that’s the one super power I wished I had (well not constantly, that would be frustrating, but more that I could switch on from time to time). I’m not that good at reading people (which actually is a great disadvantage as a lawyer). I tend to switch between extremes either trusting someone completely (well not really completely, not with some of my secret thoughts, but with my life – If that makes any sense to you) or shying away from them completely. Weirdly, you would never know. I have often been described as “outgoing” whereas I would consider myself “shy”. People mistake my semi-openness for trusting a lot. I will tell people pesonal things, that because for me they are detached of emotions are not personal at all. -Ah it’s weird! It’s actually easier for me trusting people in here, than it is outside. I have my theories about that, but I am not completely sure.

          Thanks for the compliment – you’re sweet. It’s weird. Rationally I know I’m not hideous, but emotionally I don’t trust my rationell – I wrote a post about it last night, but for some reason, I couldn’t publish it, so I just published it a couple of minutes ago. I think it illustrates a bit of what I feel. 🙂

  1. you may be nominated for prompts 🙂

    the existential dilemma, is all about morality! –

    In the chambers of gods, the forge of life is one of intent, and it is by intent to live, that we find our moral compass true. It is by choice, in a world of free will, that we must cast chains of mediocrity and complacency off. By the callousness of contempt toward our eeking days, our salient yet aging ways, we forgo intent for comfort. We find ourselves daring less, risking nothing, putting morality in the wrinkled hands of ancient times faded scripture, hoping they still reign true today.
    What is moral, is not what is right or what is wrong, but how we choose between inflicting our lungs with air filled with the absence of other, or ravishing the opportune moment when souls collide. What is moral, is what is life. and what is life, but pending death. It is the precipice and pursuit of life, staving off the end, that finds those forges in the chambers of gods, glowing red hot to outpace the oncoming night. Is this forge, this origin of life, not the product of love? Is love not the source of something so magnificent and quandaried?

    A choice to live beyond the black and white of life and death. Does love escape all that? Does is it prove the intent of life in spite of a minuscule existence? If we exist because we say we do, if we ‘intend’ in order to drive away the absurdity of death and fleeting moments …*and* we parry with only chipper moods… can we construct a morality, that suits us? And what if that morality constructed does not comply with an honest existence in a world gone mad?

    Being truest to your existential core, means choosing the intention of the source of our life, while honoring the passing moments – respecting the fleeting archaic man, hunched over…

    • Wow! I feel like I’ve just been transported back in time to my Philosophy classes in France 🙂

      To me morality actually is something outward that has to find an echo inside of you. I do believe christian virtues (which has nothing to do with being christian or believing).
      Germany finds it’s strong chore in humanism. That’s how I was raised. And I don’t mean raised by my father (although I was), I mean raised by the world surrounding me growing up.

      I do believe, that morality equals righteousnes (in it’s most positiv interpretation of the term). But I believe that morality is more.

      I surpasses religious beliefs, legal systhems, governments, upbringings and fastens only on a contract between the people. A contract that says “I will treat you, as I would want you to treat me.” “I will hold you to the same (not higher, not lower) standards I hold myself” “I will do this so that you in turn may to them same for me”.

      But unlike a contract. It’s not void, when one party breaks it. Because above all (and this is where I agree with you completly) it’s a contract withyourself first and with the other after.

      Hah – I think we could fill hours discussing morality. It’s one of those topics that you can never tire of and you will ever come to an end in discussion. 😉

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