10 Of 365 (366) For 2012

[All credit to David Spencer a.k.a. davispen80, whose lovely picture can be found here]

“Juggling is sometimes called the art of controlling patterns.

Controlling patterns in time and space.”

[Ronald Graham]

8 thoughts on “10 Of 365 (366) For 2012

    • How we degrade ourselves for guys – I wonder why that is?

      I read this excellent post by a different blogger (Crawling King Snake), about the consequences of building our lives around a relationship. What he ment, or at least what stuck with me, was how critical it is to give someone too much of you, so that he literally get’s feed up with you. To me this ties in nicely with your comment. 🙂

      Juggling? Well I can juggle if keep two tangerines up in the air at the same time counts as juggling, if not, than we are in the same boat 😉

        • I like that!

          I think I’d prefer to learn how to ride a monocycle (as far as circus tricks are concerned) – mostly because the fall isn’t that steep (at least not in comparison) and it doesn’t involve sharp, potentially lethal objects being catapulted in the air a couple of inches from my face

          For someone with such a lack of cordination that might be advisable 😉

  1. You know, you can choose what’s in your heart, choose to fill your plate, and gift yourself all the left over energy and love… Remember that sometimes we risk extinguishing the flame that draws others to us, because we are drawn to so much ourselves.

    I’d rather see you let one thing drop, one of the patterns, me even, wordpress maybe, than lose yourself in the air where all the spinning plates manifest. I think you are worth more than any of that which is in the air.

    • You are so sweet! 🙂

      Funny thing is, I wasn’t even thinking about me, I was thinking about YOU and your recent post and the back story to that and and and.

      I’d like you to turn around and read, what you wanted me to hear, because you’ve said it better, than I could ever say it 😉

      • LOL.
        oh boy, I think that is what I do. What would I want to hear that could help make a difference, refocus…? what is it that the person is getting at? if I were them, if I could occupy their brain… and well it causes me to make assumptions at times but alas, it does reflect nicely doesn’t it? ha.

        —- I do want to interject in your conversation about with WW as well..
        “…was how critical it is to give someone too much of you, so that he literally get’s feed up with you.”

        I think this is a little of what’s wrong with us (humans) at times. We don’t know *how* to lose ourselves in others, and have others be lost in us, without getting sick of each other and dismissive, disinterested because an entirety is available to us? Why do we even have this capacity? and why are we always so busy boxing it up and putting it away?

        I’ve been skirting around his blog for a bit, trying not to get sucked in because I disagree with him on the few posts I’ve read, but he’s willing to be honest which is HUGE, so I think I’m going to have to go be a regular visitor and get in on the conversation.

        🙂 you. You. YOU. that’s all. just you. 🙂

        • I don’t know why, but I can tell you that’s it’s happened to me many times before.

          There is this girl I was obsessed with. Not sexually, but she just had a radiant light that I wanted to be a part off, so I followed her around like a littel puppy. Grateful for any bone of attention she would through me, willing to do everything but anything for her. Just because she was she. And for no other reason.

          Well, long story short, being freely available all day every day or at least making yourself available isn’t attractive. It isn’t in love and it isn’t in friendship.

          Except when sometimes it is – sometimes with the right person, you have the same level of expectancy of wanting of longing (and I don’t just mean in a sexual relationship) and then it just “works”… .

          It’s hard to explain (at least to me it is), but mango is my favorite fruit and I can eat it each day every day and would never tire of it. Then with apples, I like them, I really do (well only if they are a bit sour and really crunchy), but after three days I’m fine not having them for a couple of weeks by which point I’ll desperately want an apple. I think I was her apple, whereas I’m Phil’s mango (if that makes any sense).

          Regarding CKS – I agree with you (to some extent), but I do treasure his honesty (you might want to read up in the little conversation we had in my “About”, which he has yet to reply to). Not sure how far you’ll get with a conversation with him. He rarely replies to comments on his posts, which bugged me at first. Now, I really don’t care one way or the other. I appreciate his posts and his honesty and I think he’s absolutely deserving of the “The Versatile Blogger Award” (although he has yet to respond to that as well), but he’s not one of my favorite bloggers and probably won’t ever make the list. Not because I dislike him, but simply because there is no connecting string between us through writing – Basically, all I know about him, is what he posts – I don’t get a backstory (how ever tiny that might be) through comments. And that’s okay – doesn’t make his posts any less readable and I’ll still comment on them, just because that’s what I do and he won’t react because that’s what he does and in the end – miraculously – life goes on 🙂

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