German noun.

Translates to “flight of fancy”, but with an arrogant, cocky touch to it. 

“Cocky flight of fancy”

(rough translation)

This is an unusual post for me for several reasons:

  • It doesn’t start (or end) with a quote [only my second post so far to break that rule]
  • It’s not about an immediate feeling of myself, but more an invitation to free association on “cocky flight of fancy”
  • It’s centred around a German rap/ hip hop song (not my musical genre at all) by the well-known artist Samy Deluxe (well at least well know in Germany)

So why post this?

I’m not really sure to tell you the truth.

It could have been, because I enjoyed the air-travel related posts by Paprika (here) and Worrywart (here).

via Wikipedia: Samy Deluxe

Or maybe something about the lyrics caught my eye.

It put a different spin on what I usually would associate with people indulging themselves in a “cocky flight of fancy”.

I started wondering, if – maybe – you could earn the right to fly high? Kind of like a first class ticket to your own indulgence?

These are the lyrics (or at least my best attempt at translating them – if you want to see the original lyrics for yourself, you may do so here)


[sidenote: The clip to this song can be found at the bottom of this post, should you care to listen to it, while you read through the lyrics]


“Höhenflug” – Samy Deluxe (Cocky flight of fancy)

(Voice over: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

You’re travelling agency “Ego-Trips in association with Delux-Air”

is pleased to welcome you on board this flight.

Now please welcome your pilot from the cockpit with more detailed flight information)

I’d like to welcome you all to my cocky flight of fancy.

Please fasten your seatbelts and take a minute to listen to my further instructions.

Please move and fasten your trey-tables to their former position and bring your seats to an upright position

(Voice over: We are ready for take off)

Mind you, I’ve always been on a roll, that’s why I’m flying high up here.

I don’t do being grounded very well.

Today you have the privilege of flying with the first-rate star pilot of deluxe-airs.

Yes, that would be me. I could spend the entire day singing my own praises.

I don’t deserve niceness, I deserve the best there is since I’m the best there ever was.

This sounds so overused, so let’s say “I’m the all-time greatest” instead.

If you see me in a magazine, it’s always the “glammest” spread of all.

In my day-to-day life I’m overly polite and humble,

but as a rapper I try to evade that at all costs.

That’s why the others are pissed at me and offended,

because they are screwed and I’m back on top.

You see I always keep my eyes on the road ahead, I never look back.

We have reached our maximum altitude.

I have been informed that many of the passengers are starting to look pale.

Airsickness bags may be found in the seat pocket in front of you.

(Voice over: Oh no, we are free-falling!)

Ha ha, I’m just kidding.

But you might want to nurse this shock with a drink,

obviously overpriced, but you’ll feel better if you don’t read the fine print.

We’ll be experiencing a bit of turbulence now, because the wind is turning slightly.

This is my “cocky flight of fancy” and nobody knows exactly where we are heading to.

The only thing of importance is that I’m flying high.

[Chorus: I like the view from up here.

People tell me “Come down from the clouds, Sam!”

“Nah, why should I?

You’ve never reached these heights!”

Repeat 3x]

I hope you have enjoyed your journey up until now.

And as you can see I’ve turned off the fasten-seatbelts-sign.

So you are now free to roam around the cabin and use the restrooms.

The only thing is, I forgot to clean them.

On the up-side the flight attendants will serve you a splendid meal shortly

and after that we can all rap along a bit to the chorus of Big and Tupac.

Please also feel free to shop at our duty-free inflight shop.

What exactly did I want to tell people with this song?

Right, this is my “cocky flight of fancy” and your my passenger.

And the way I’m rapping might sound a bit crass

but all the others are just talking while I’m getting stuff done.

I feel comfortable in lofty heights, never suffered from flight anxiety.

It’s me doing the steering, no autopilot and no other rapper is as aerodynamic as I am.

I’m going to fly so high, I will need a house on the moon.

I can’t transform water into wine, but you can collect frequent flyer miles with me.

Well this is it once again we have reached our destination.

I know your itinerary said Hamburg, but I opted for Amsterdam instead.

Please turn off your technical devices at this time.

Thank you for flying with us this time and we hope to welcome you back on your next travel.

[Chorus 3x]

(Voice over: The captain and his crew would like to take this opportunity to thank you

and we hope to welcome you on board again soon.

If this is your final destination, we hope you enjoy your stay, otherwise we hope you will reach your final destination shortly.

When opening the overhead compartments, please pay close attention to the extra-smart lyrics that might have gotten juggled around a bit during this flight.

Lastly, let me conclude by saying, -ähhh – never mind.)

[“Höhenflug” – Samy Deluxe – SchwarzWeiss (BlackAndWhite Album]

18 thoughts on “Höhenflug

  1. Thanks for the shout out.

    I think it is OK to indulge yourself, but I don’t think you should flaunt your good fortune at being able to do so – like he did in the song. I suppose that’s what makes it a cocky flight of fancy instead of your average, everyday, run of the mill flight of fancy.

    • You are welcome 🙂 I love pointing people in your direction, because I truly think you’re post are amongst the best-written and funniest I’ve come across here. So linking back to you comes very naturally for me 🙂

      Yeah, me too – I like the self-critical humor in it and I like the fact that he can say: “Guess what?! (For the most part) I think I’m awesome!”

      I feel like so many of us have been taught to be humble and tread lightly (which in itself is great don’t get me wrong), that we sometimes hold our lights to low if that makes sense.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment – your comments always mean a lot to me 🙂

      • I catch your drift on the holding the lights low. One person’s basic confidence is anothers cocky flight of fancy. Anger at being pushed down low can cause tension and pressure that when released can appear to rocket people into the realm of the extreme. For some a life of equanimity isn’t in the cards.

        • I think you might be onto something here. I never thought of the middle road of basic confidence (not that that isn’t pretty telling in itself) 🙂

          But you are right, being pushed low can cause people to explode into either direction (imploding into their selves, thus cringing even lower or exploding out of themselves into the air).

          Equanimity for me somehow goes hand in hand with balance. If you are at ease with yourself and how your environment treats you, you might not feel the end for an extreme reflection (whichever way you may chose to go).

          Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I always appreciate reading your words on my posts and pages.

          They make it seem like home 🙂

  2. Blogs on CD? That would be great. Good idea, WW. This song made my ears pop 🙂 No, I’m kidding. But every time I get on a plane my ears go bananas. Maybe this song would help?

    • Really? This made your eardrums pop and I was saving this extra special little treat just for you 😉

      If this doesn’t make your eardrops pop than I don’t know what will 😉

      Oh and if it really does help I want in on the marketing and sales of this (because I really like you and secretly idolize you I will settle for 13.5% on this 😉 )

      • Oh good God. What is this? Is it like Solid Gold Saturday Night in Germany? I never knew Ace of Base sang polka? I love the part where the guy stops singing and yet his voice keeps singing. Hilarious!

        • I’m appaled that you would even consider comparing the stylish Ace Of Base (refer to this picture please: http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTudAefJUB6io1MxzO_zkbzFBLZv4ocXgn1mSPNtfPj7kmyBWfx1A ) with this gift to all German women past the age of 75 and in possesion of their very own pacemaker! 😉

          I’m pretty sure, that being a German folk star doesn’t mean you actually have to do the whole lip-sinc playback thing on stage. Considering the audience is usually very short sighted and preoccupied with keeping the clapping rhythm, I’m not sure if you even have to pretend to like what you are doing. I know for sure, that being a musician (or a singer) is not a key qualification of becoming a German folk star (which is probably due to the fact, that most to all of your audience is also hard of hearing).

          I’m pretty sure the only qualifications needed are sufficient mastery of the bavarian dialect and being able to pretend that you feel very confident in “Lederhosen” 😉

          • Omg this is hilarious.
            It makes me want to learn german now, I feel like I’m missing out on a whole boat load of cultural nuance. I mean I know I am, but the intricacies just seem like a world of complexity worth knowing.

            • Ha ha – well let me warn you before you start this venture, or rather let Mr. Twain warn you about the absurdities and difficulties of the German language (scroll down a bit: http://www.crossmyt.com/hc/linghebr/awfgrmlg.html) Oh and he’s not exaggerating – at least not a lot 😉

              However, if you do chose to venture on this journey (having been duly warned) you know who you can turn to for free online tutoring sessions 😉

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