21 Of 365 (366) For 2012

[All credit to Artee62, whose lovely picture may be found here]

“A daydream is a meal at which images are eaten.

Some of us are gourmets,

some gourmands,

and a good many take their images precooked out of a can and swallow them down whole,absent-mindedly and with little relish.”

[W.H. Auden]

8 thoughts on “21 Of 365 (366) For 2012

  1. Like my dog…I give him bit of my food but he always gulps it down. I know he just can’t slow down, but sometimes I want to say, if you would just appreciate the litle bit of ham I just gave you, you wouldn’t need to be looking at me like that now, begging me for more. I really feel sorry for him when he’s begging from me and everyone says, “Mom, don’t feed the dog.” So, I try and do something for him he seems unable to do for himself. I have taken to relishing his life for him. He doesn’t seem to mind it.

    • Oh I know there was a reason, it felt so right being little wrogger puppy – I’m just like your dog – I gulp my meals down (that is if I’m not paying concious attention to eating slowly) and then I sit there and ask myself “Where did it all go? I could have sworn I had a huge manwich on my plate with chips and fruit and all the rest and somehow it must have fled my plate when I wasn’t looking. I’m sure I didn’t eat it all. I can only remember a couple of bites, maybe half a sandwich tops!” 😉

      I’m that way with a lot of things too – I have to conciously remind myself to enjoy the moment and not waste it hurrying off to the next task mentally. 🙂

      I wouldn’t mind it, if you relished my life for me either. I think sometimes I need someone to tell me “Slow down. Take your time. Enjoy this. Taste it. Smell it. Look at it. Feel it. Sense it everyway possible and cherish it. Because a second later it will be gone and if you forgot to savour the moment, well than that’s that. You’re not going to get it back.” 🙂

  2. I was laughing and laughing as I read along and then sudden I found my lips puckering up into a coo, like a really mommy. So funny how our words can move others, push our faces around, make us laugh and cry real tear…thanks for that 😉

    I had to laugh at you wolfing your sandwich and then asking yourself, where did it go? I am so like that too, Sometimes Madi and I try to slow ourselves down, she is quite the chomper (don’t tell her I said that) and we will take these delicate bites and look at each other demurely, chewing each mouthful with conscious intention. We always wind up cracking up when we do that because we think the other looks like she’s in a porn movie.

    • Ha ha ha – this is too funny! I’d fit right in at your table then ;)(and I won’t tell your said that, don’t worry 😉 ) – I loved the porn star image, that made me chuckle – ah the crazy fun of blogging 😉

    • Have you read ANY of my comments?! I’m so not a grammar or spelling nazi – I guess I shouldn’t be that lax about it, but I figure it’s the meaning that counts not the spelling 😉 Seriously, this might be the only place out there you will NEVER have to worry about spelling, grammer, punctuation etc – Enjoy it! 😉

    • It seems that lately most of my daydreams revolve around food. – Well that and me acing my exams and standing on the steps infront of the court house adorned with a little tiara.

      I think my preferred daydream would be me standing on the steps infront of the court house balancing that tiara on my head, a glass of champagne in one hand and a huge ice cream sunday (with sprinkles) in the other 😉

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