23 Of 365 (366) For 2012

[All credit to leslienie, whose lovely picture may be found here]

“On Monday mornings I am dedicated to the proposition that all men are created jerks.”

[H. Allen Smith]

15 thoughts on “23 Of 365 (366) For 2012

    • Yes it did! I aced one of my 5h practice exams (yay for me!) and got a couple of hours of work in, got some stuff done around the house (which always gets me in such a good mood – I love a clean house it makes me feel clean inside – weird, huh?!) and now (after I splurged on a burger 😉 ) I’m lazily lying on my couch reading blogs and feeling comfortably sleepy – so with a bit of luck I might get an early night to night and a couple of hours more sleep than the recent usual 😉

      -Thank you for asking: How was your monday? 🙂

      • It was like cleaning up in a chimpanzee exhibit after all the humanoids escaped their cages, but I do best under chaotic pressure (as opposed to purposeful deadline pressure – like homework or paperwork or really any kind of ‘work’ work… SO today was actually a good distracting kind of day. 🙂
        I do want you to get enough sleep, I was going to write something the other day about how important it is, and how I just knew you were probably coasting by on 5 hours or so. Sleep! Especially if you have studying to do. 🙂

        Ok, now I’m going to be quiet and try not distract you anymore. Sleep.

        • Ha ha – I think I’ll have some real adjusting to do once kids come into play – disorder can really drive me crazy at times (I mean seriously physically crazy), but I’m guessing you’ve got a ton of other priorities once they come along 😉

          As for the sleep – ah well – I’m a crazy mixture of genetics and caffeine, I guess – I’m not tired yet, though – just kind of lazy comfy – listening to band of horses after a hot shower – pure bliss 🙂

    • Why on earth to you have to wake up at 5:30? That’s cruel and unusual punishment in my books or at least torture of the likes of waterboarding – I get cranky about getting up an hour later (and believe me that hour makes all the difference – actually on a monday morning 5 minutes make all the difference). Whatever they pay you it’s not enough (well unless they pay you a lot and serve you fresh coffee and stuff, than maybe it is) – Do you want me to call the UN to clearify if they can do this to you? 😉

      • I have to be at work by 7:15 and live 30 minutes away. When you factor in the time I need to smack the snooze button, I have to set the alarm for 5:30 – 5:40. That gets me out of bed by 6:00. On the weekends, sleeping until 7:30 seems luxurious.

        I do not get paid enough to compensate for the ungodly hour I must leave my house. You’ve read some of my other posts, I barely have functioning toilets at work – forget coffee and other glamorous perks like that.

        If things get any worse, I may have you give the UN a call for me.

        • I’m pretty sure those people at work haven’t picked up on that whole aretha-franklin-of-comedy, freshly-pressed, celebraty-blogger thing of yours (ignorant bastards!) They wouldn’t be have the nerve to treat you that way otherwise! 🙂

          Yeah – I think I should keep the UN number on spead-dial just in case 😉

          • Perhaps I should forward them your comment. I’ve kept the “aretha-franklin-of-comedy, freshly-pressed, celebraty-blogger thing” on the down low at work. Seriously, I need to hire you as my legal counsel and personal cheerleader 🙂

            • Now you see that totally explains it: They actually think you’re a mere mortal! 😉

              I’d love to apply for the job – just as soon as my numbers come up in the big jack pot drawing I’ll follow my heart and wear a cheerleader-esque robe (actually that sounds fun – I wonder if I could somehow combine pom poms with a robe w/o losing my credibility in court? 😉 )

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