A HUG To Cherish

The HUG Award - via A Hope For Today

“To refuse awards

is another way of accepting them

with more noise than is normal.”

[Sir Peter Ustinov]

I was presented with yet another award: “The Hope Unites Globally (HUG) Award (c) “

The HUG Award (c) is a fantastic (not just limited to bloggers) award, which initiated by Connie Wayne at Hope for Today, promoting hope, love, pace, equality and unity for all people.

It is designed for people, with an expectant desire for the world, for which they: Hope for Love, Hope for Freedom, Hope for Peace, Hope for Equality, Hope for Unity, Hope for Joy and Happiness, Hope for Compassion and Mercy, Hope for Faith, Hope for Wholeness and Wellness, Hope for Prosperity, Hope for Ecological Preservation and Hope for Oneness.

The HUG Award (c) recognises and honors those, who help keep hope alive in our current world plagued by war, natural disasters and economic recession. They nurture hope in any of the above areas by the work they do or in their personal lives with things such as blogging, public speaking, charity work etc.

As I stated above The HUG Award (c) is not just designed for bloggers, but rather for anyone, anywhere in the world, who meets the guidelines and especially nurtures hope and respects the dignity of others, without compromising their own religious, spiritual, or political beliefs.

If I felt undeserving upon receiving the other awards so kindly bestowed on me up to now, I feel especially undeserving in this case.

However, as the great Sir Peter Ustinov stated correctly, just accepting an award humbly takes away much less attention from the important things, in this case this fantastic award and all it stands for and my own nominees.

For a complete list of rules for accepting this award, please refer to the guidelines and rules of the HUG Award

I really wanted to adhere to the philosophy of this award and not bend the rules in regards to this nomination, so I decided to not just name the nominees, but rather explain, why I believe them to be deserving of this particular award.

(sidenote: You can only receive this award once, so if I mistakenly awarded you this, please let me know, that you have already received this award.)

The nominees (in alphabetical order):

365 Veterans – This lady is honoring a veteran a day for a year. I don’t believe there is any question as to her being deserving of this award.

Childhood Relived – Now obviously this lady is beyond witty, but wittyness alone wouldn’t get her this award (not even considering her track record of winning everything in sight). The plain fact is: She is inspiring. Inspiring in seeing life and childhood memories for fun they are. Inspiring in proving you can survive all atrocity in life; – even an 80s childhood.

Creating Reciprocity – This lady asks herself the important question: “How can we live together?” With all our differences in culture, religion, upbringing, economic power and knowledge where is our common denominator that serves us as a foundation of living together in peace? Her posts are informative, but above all heartfelt.

Good Humored – I have previously described her as the Aretha Franklin of comedy and I stand by that description. What I haven’t told you about Paprika Furstenburg yet is that she has a truly genuine way of perceiving the different and the unusual with a loving heart. Above all she can laugh at herself as much as at or rather with others. I truly believe that humor is one of the pillars of the hope, especially when delivered with such warmth and intelligence.

Hotdogs And Marmalade – She is the daughter to a mother suffering from Alzheimer’s, a true christian (who doesn’t feel the need to impress her beliefs on others), a wife and a mother to her children. Her warmth in her descriptions of her everyday life and the acknowledgement of a gift at the center of every adversity are humbling and inspiring.

How To Date Boys – Yes, it’s funny reading through her honest recounts of dating as 20-something-year-old in this day and age, but it’s also her true and blunt honesty especially to herself, that creates hope. Hope of true love, hope of relationships and hope that in the end there is a prince charming for every girl out there.

Quieter Elephant – He’s one of the recipients, that is harder to explain. Obviously his posts are highly entertaining, random, hysterical, enlightening and informative, but that alone would not be enough. What makes him special and truly deserving of this post is his eye for beauty in strangeness in this world. I believe that being able to see something beautiful and special in random everyday occurrences is inspiring.

Random ReasoningThis post alone and her closer look at time and the essence of how we perceive time alone will tell you two things about this lady: 1) She’s hilarious and 2) She’s an analytical thinker, who enjoys the wisdom of foreign cultures and uses lessons from the past to explain the present.

Riatarded questions our western superficial values and challenges us to grow. This alone makes her more than deserving in my book.

Sakura Lights & Strange Trip Times – Art is always an inspiration for hope, freedom, beauty and connection deeper than words and these artists, each in their own right, are no exception to this rule. On top of that they each have a message that needs to be heard. It is my honor to nominate them for this award.

Snippets & Glimpses & Terminally Beautiful Life – These young ladies both courageously shares their mind and soul with anybody who will care to look and listen. They, each in their own right, suffer from several afflictions and they face this sufferance with more honesty and grace than most people I know. They truly bring hope and grace to my days.

Susserative Aspirations – This gentleman strives to understand humanity and most importantly himself. To confront your own imperfections and to relentlesly search for understanding of every other human he encounters, to me, is inspiring on a level I can’t even begin to comprehend. I challenge you to read his resiliency series and not agree with me.

The better man project – To try to confront your flaws and become a better man and a better person in the course of a life. I can hardly imagine a more inspiring project.

The Heartbreak Of Invention – External beauty leads to admiration. Although I can’t say anything about the charms her looks hold (since she has chosen to walk this past anonymously like so many of us), I can say that her inner beauty, the glow that surrounds her, is beyond inspirational. When I grow up, I hope to become half the woman she is today.

The Priviledged Contrarian – Her views on life and especially her honesty with herself and with others are refreshing and inspiring. She connects to so many people on so many levels and seems to be able to relate to everybody with a respect for their individuality.

Worrywarts Guide To Love, Sex And Marriage – If you are here reading this, you already know how I feel about the Worrywart. What you might not have heard me say yet, how important her presence in this blogosphere has come as a moral compass – She grounds me and inspires me everyday to be better, to me more (and maybe to be less dramatic). But it’s not just me. Her wit, eloquence and honesty alone would not make a fellowship as large and loyal as hers, I urge you to go find it for yourself. You will feel better for having met her.

Thank you for sharing all that you are with me.

Thank you for making this an enjoyable journey.

Thank you for making this my home.

[ Hallelujah – performed by Espen Lind, Askil Holm, Alejandro Fuentes, Kurt Nilsen ]

24 thoughts on “A HUG To Cherish

  1. Oh now you’ve gone and done it..!
    As the ex-Chancellor of my old University, if Peter Ustinov says one should humbly accept awards, I guess I should! 😉
    I’m really very touched by your kind nomination words, and grateful that you at least have found some inspiration in my twaddle!

  2. Congratulations to you for winning such an honorable award!

    Thank you for nominating me and for all of the support and encouragement you have offered me on my blogging journey. It has meant a lot to me.

    I just have one question. Is someone paying you off to say such amazingly flattering things about me?

    • Thank you – I read your acceptance post and I was very blown away – so sweet.

      Nope, no exchange of anything of value, nor the promise of priviledges – it’s all yours!


  3. Congrats! And what nice words! I believe none of it, but I love hearing them just the same :). I think what you were really inspired by was the way I told off 1979-Angie like she damn well deserved. Take that, brat.

  4. First, congratulations. And next, this means more to me than you can imagine. I struggle with how to use my blog to make a different. You have set me to thinking about some ideas I have had. The post I will do to accept this award may be just the starting point I need. I’m a procrastinator but I do plan to address my awards. Thank you so much.

    • Not sure, why my comment to your sweet reply never showed up (I thought it happened below as well – hence the two comments) – Ah well so my comment section’s a bit warped, I can live with that?! 😉

      In any case: Thank you AND right back at you. I think we all feel limited from time to time in our blogs and it’s vital to understand, that this is not a static world, but one that will evolve with us, if we let us. Not that I feel the limitation of your blog or think it should grow with you, but if you do, then by all means go for it! 😀

      Don’t worry about the acceptance post – that to me is not important at all. Important to me was being able to acknowledge those (imo) worthy of acknowledgement – Thank YOU!

  5. Congratulations love! I am currently trying to catch up with all of your posts that I have missed. Just been away for a bit!

    Thank you for nominating me:) You give me more credit than I deserve but thank you 😀

    • Ah well thank you AND right back at you lovely! Don’t worry about catching up (nothing new on the western front so to speak 😉 ).

      We all feel like we don’t deserve the recognition we get, but I figure as long as one person (in this case me) deems us worthy, than that’s enough. Also I tend to think I’m not the only one who feels that way. 😉

    • Thank you AND right back at you! Don’t worry about catching up (nothing new on the western front so to speak 😉 ).

      We all tend to think we’re unworthy of recognition, but I think (and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one) that you fit the bill perfectly 😀

  6. Congratulations – definitely deserved (“promoting hope, love, pace, equality and unity for all people” – what a perfect description)!!! Your posts are always hugs for me (and your comments too) 🙂

    And many thanks both for the nom and the kindness that you wrote above!!!!!!! My cheeks hurt from smiling!

    • Ah thanks hun – that means a lot 😀 So glad I made you smile. I really put a lot of thought into my nominations, so please know that I ment every word. 😀

  7. Wow. This is kind of serious. You are always so good about these things… It’s that “goodness” that got me started writing and working on my first awards recognition post. So thank you for that. Also. Thank you for being so flattering.
    I don’t know that anyone has called me ‘a gentleman’ other than while in the cohort of an audience where gentleman and ladies sit alike. More so, that you find something inspirational in my words; is really a testament to your character. It’s a testament to your voracity, comprehension, and kindness.
    That there is even one person in this world like you, is enough for me to know that there’s still good in it, and that we can find hope in each other, and each others stories…. I, thank you, for making this experience worthwhile, engaging, and emotionally expanding. I am a better (wholer) person outside of this blog world, because of the interaction you have fostered inside it. I only hope that somehow I can return the grace and favor you’ve extended to me, back to you someday 🙂

    • Oh Erik, you are so incredible humble and somehow you always manage to deflect my praise of you back at me.

      Don’t get wrong, I like that you hold me in such high esteem (it bewilders me at times, but I like it), however I wish you would be able to see yourself through my eyes just once. I truly believe that would ease some of your feelings of being undeserving or of lacking something.

      I admire your strive for the best you can be and I’m not saying you should relent on that (it’s so much a part of what makes you “you”), I just feel that if you could see yourself the way I see you (and I’m sure I don’t stand alone) you would be aware of how remarkable you really are.

      And yes, of course you are a gentleman it it’s true definition of the term:

      “If you say that a man is a gentleman, you mean he is polite and educated, and can be trusted.”

      (source: http://woerterbuch.reverso.net/englisch-cobuild/gentleman )

  8. Thank you K! As I have said many, many times – so happy to know you in this distant world. Thank you so much for caring about me; I appreciate it and I think it’s such a cool thing that we care about each other without even knowing each other. Something good will come of this (starting with hope).

    • Thank YOU so much AND right back at you 😀

      I said something similar to Patrice in a different comment: “I always try to keep these two worlds (my blog world & and my ‘real’ world) seperate, because somehow I feel like this world is only semi-real (maybe because I can’t touch it or make it stay – it could vanish over night while my computer is turned off), but somehow some of you (and especially her, but you too!) have become the realest people I know.”
      To which she replied: “Our connections here are very real!”

      I’m starting to see it like her.

      I guess it’s about trust (and hope) and yes, I think/hope that something good will come of this – growth: Individually and as a community (which this is)


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  10. Thank you for the nomination, K!! It was quite the honor to receive. My acknowledgement comes soon, but first, I must create the artwork to go with it, and that, my friend requires time – of which seems to be of short supply right now.

    • You are welcome – I’m glad you liked it 😀 Don’t worry about the acceptance post – as awards go this one is quite a hassel, with a bunch of requierements, so I understand if it takes a while (or which would be fine as well, if you chose not to except it 🙂 ) – Basically this was just my way of saying: Thank you for being inspirational! 🙂

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