It’s only fitting that one of Erik’s post should be my first reblog. It was Patrice you found me, but it was Erik, who brought back.
Maybe it would have been more fitting to reblog a post in which he isn’t singing my praises among those of others, but I really didn’t have words to tell him how much that ment to me and I thought: Actions speak louder than words – so I’m going to let him be my first 😉
In any case should you not know Erik yet (which I highly doubt) you NEED to head on over to his blog NOW (If I were you I’d start with the resiliency series, but everything out there’s an awesome read).
Also, please engage, comment, get to know him, let him get to know you, trust him (yes, he can be trusted!) – you’ll feel so much better about yourself and about life for having let this man in
– Thank You

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    • Me too! – I return to it again and again 🙂

      B.t.w. – I hope you don’t mind that I pointed another motherless daughter in your direction today?…

      I’m not sure how she found me and I don’t know a lot about her yet, but something in myself urged me to tell her to seek you out.

      This is what I said on my about page (comment 29)

      “What I did wanted to tell you however, is that you should check out Patrice’s blog (Life As Contraption – The Heartbreak Of Invention) – She’s on my blogroll and on my favorite blogger list on the top right corner of my blog (everybody on this short list is precious in their own right b.t.w.).

      The reason I singled out Patrice, is because she too is a motherless daughter (several frequent bloggers are “parentless” b.t.w. – not nearly all of them, but a few, I’ll let you figure that out for yourself though 😉 ) and she’s lovely, deep, honest, approacheable and just an all around wonderful lady – I think you might benefit highly from getting to know her (same goes for all of my favs though – all in their own right).”

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