47 Of 365 (366) For 2012

[ All credit to Márk Lakatos, whose lovely picture may be found here. ]

“Squats are a form of torture designed by people who don’t need to do squats in the first place.”

[ Nora RobertsBed of Roses ]

20 thoughts on “47 Of 365 (366) For 2012

    • I hate them – passionately! We had a gym teacher in h.s., who loved having us do squats for ever and whenever someone complained she’d remind us of the upcoming bathing suit season… . Is there a more horrible threat? Not sure but I think the most terrifying words in the American language (or in any language actually!) might be “Pool Party” – Well at least if you are older than 10 and/or female 😉

    • Ha ha too funny 😀

      Did you do ballet when you were younger? I did for about a month, but I was the least grateful little elephant in a pink tutu you could immagine and luckily I was allowed to quit sooner rather than later 😉

      [sidenote: Not sure why, but I had to unspam you… . Weirdly this has happened before with others, my guess is it’s a wordpress problem, but I thought I’d let you know anyways 😉 ]

      • No, thanks for letting me know – I think it has to do with my name showing up as “Private.” ?? It did it on Erik’s and on Mel’s. Gravatar is a mystery to me.

        Yes, I did do ballet. For years. And my right foot is a shoe size and a half smaller than my left, my ankles click, my hips pop out of place and I’ll forever walk a little duck-like. And as an over-weight, almost-36 year old woman, this is a little strange looking. Ha! But I’ll always have banana feet, which in ballet is something to be envied. I have a total foot fetish thanks to ballet.

          • They don’t start until the 23rd (23rd and 24th then 27th and 28th then 1st and 2nd), but I won’t know for about 3 monthes, if I made it to the oral and then the oral is about 2 monthes after that… . So it takes the thing I’m worst at: Patience!

            Thank you so much for asking though – I really appreciate all of y’alls patience and support (sincerly!) – Why were you MIA? Everything okay with you, or is your anxiety level up again (Did I ever mention that Phil has a panic disorder, so I kind of understand what happens – second handed of course, but enough to know it’s horrible!)

            • Oh no, actually I’m doing TERRIFICALLY! I was in a class last week and I’ve had a friend visiting from out of town so I’ve just been busy.

              I’m sorry Phil has a panic disorder. It’s really hard on our partners. I’m so grateful to mine who is so patient and loving with me through it. Phil is lucky to have you as well. And yeah, it’s totally horrible. 🙂

              • Yay – thrilled you are doing TERRIFICALLY!

                Yeah well, I couldn’t think of a better man suited for me. Obviously he struggles with issues (just as I do), but I guess it’s more a question of how you deal with it. Just like your partner does you, I cherish him beyond all means and my guess is I’m way luckier to have him than the other way around 😉

        • The Banana feet made me laugh 😀 I remember one of my problems being that I really sucked at the 5th (not that the others were great mind you) and I couldn’t get into a split. My teacher pushed me down hard to stretch me out, but I’m not even sure that worked (I just remember it hurting).

          Still Ballett intrigues me! Ballerinas are those tiny, delicate dolls and at the same time incredible physically strong and they are personified beauty in motion whilst dancing through horrible pain – such quantities of contradiction.

          So I do envy you your grace (35 and overweight or not 😉 ) – that’s something you’ll probably never lose, because it’s been trained into you. I’m a klutz! If there is something to do in a graceful matter you can count on me to trip over my own feet or something and fall flat on my face 😀

          Also I’m pretty sure, you’re extremely flexible, which I’m pretty sure will come in handy once the both of us reach old age: While I’m waiting for someone to tie my shoe, you can just place your foot high against the wall and tie it yourself! 😀

          (Oh yeah although I probably was “ungrateful” too, I actually ment “ungracefull”)

          • Most unfortunately, even at my skinniest (thanks to ED spurred on by two things, one being dance), I never had a dancer’s body. My body would be best suited to professional weight lifting. But I’d rather not go there simply because of personal aesthetic preferences, so I stick with softly overweight. As for grace – ha! Every time I look down at my hands, arms, legs – there are bruises. I’m constantly banging into things. Bull in a china hutch – that’s me. And I won’t even speak to the flexibility issue. So we’re both in for it when we’re old. You got me, babe.

            • Yeah, I know about struggling with your body and especially your own self immage … . It’s tough!

              I can’t immagine how tough it is when you’re surrounded by women who in their physical appearance retain the body shapes of little girls all their life… 🙂

              What I like about my body is that it’s so forgiving: I insult it and disvalue it on a regular basis, but it hasn’t let down yet 😉 (well except for the lack of grace thing)

    • Still have to watch it, sorry! My w-lan is acting up and I don’t want to keep Phil from his laptop too long (that might be dangerous!). Hoping everything will be up and working again by tomorrow and I’ll finally get to watch it 😀

    • Hah! This made me laugh: I wished I had the shapely legs and the nonchalent grace of the gentleman in the centre (first row) – I also like his eye make up 😉

      Hope you and your family have a great weekend as well! 😀

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