The Playlist Continued Or Stuff That Should Be On Your MP3 Player On Mondays


“Those who dance are considered insane

by those who cannot hear the music.”

[ George Carlin ]




Some time back I posted an orchestrated visual of my typical saturday night.

Looking back I realised that was incredibly selfish of me.

Not only did I tease you by allowing you just a tiny glimpse at my incredible good taste in music, but I also failed to provide you with a non-danceable* soundtrack for the other days of the week. I’m sorry. I really don’t know what to say for myself (I’d like to be able to say that my lack of manners results from having been raised in a barn, but I firmly believe that starting an honest and sincere apology with a lie is never the best start.).

But, as so many other sinners that have wronged you throughout your life, I plan to set it right. And not only do I plan to do so, but I’ve decided to start my road of redemption immediately (No time like the present, ey?!).

So there you have it:

The Playlist Continued Or Stuff That Should Be On Your MP3 Player On Mondays

[ “Away Frm U”Oberhofer]

[ “Anything You Want Dear”Zeus ]

[ “Old Friend”Caveman ]

[ “It’s Only Life”The Shins (live version)]

[ “All Of Me”Tanlines ]

[ “Golden Eyelids”Lost In The Trees ]

[ “You Think I Don’t Know (But I Know)”Morningbell (live version)]

[ “Why Would You Not Want To Go There”Hoots and Hellmouth (live version) ]

[ “Jules”The Wedding Present ]

[ “The Girl From The DDR”The Wedding Present ]

[ “California”Delta Spirit ]

[ “Positive Vibes”Freshkills ]

[ “Stay Home Tonight”Cains and Abels ]

[ “Starling”This Many Boyfriends” ]

[ “Noah’s Ark”The Shutes ]

[ “The Day After Tomorrow”Autumn Comets ]

[ “Never Go Away”Drowner ]

[ “Anna” Freundeskreis (Soulfood Remix) ]

[ “Gimme More”Sia ]

[ “Kirsten’s Beach”The Pecadiloes ]

*Disclaimer: Some to all of the songs may be danceable per sé. It might be that the lack of dancibility stems from me generally dancing like a white boy.


2 thoughts on “The Playlist Continued Or Stuff That Should Be On Your MP3 Player On Mondays

    • Ha ha – well the pleasure is certainly all mine my germanophile friend 😉 Hope it’s not been too rough on you though – Mondays, as a rule, should be outlawed 😉

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