Beloved And Versatile

“People always say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily”

[Zig Ziglar]

The lovely Patrice, who already bestowed the “Liebster Blog Award” on me some days ago, thinks I am not just loveable or beloved, but also versatile.

And because she really believes that and the proper way to show our convictions in the blog world seems to be an award, she nominated me for “The Versatile Blogger Award”.

Obviously I deserve neither of these awards, but that’s beside the point.

The point is, that Patrice thinks I’ve deserved them, which makes me want to do a little dance in my tiny appartement (in the course of which I would probably pull, stretch or tear one of the many ligaments in my body – which is why I have opted for the “dance-inside-my-head-alternative”).

The reason, Patrice’s recognition means so much to me (and I am soaking it up like a wonderful hot bubble bath right now) is because when I first started blogging (not writing, please note the distinction!) I was hoping to find someone like her.

Someone genuine, kind, loving, understanding and soulful, that would listen to me and could relate to what I have to say and maybe guide me a bit here and there when I stumble down my path.

Wonderfully enough, I didn’t just find someone like her (or rather she found me!), but I found the real deal!

Patrice is all the above and more – she’s perfect imperfection and to me she is the thread that keeps my blog world together. – Thank you, Patrice, for the wonderful that you are. Thank you for making me feel like I belong.

There are just a few rules for this award:

1. In a post on your, blog, nominate 15 fellow bloggers for The Versatile Blogger Award.

2. In the same post, Add the Versatile Blogger Award.

3. In the same post, thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link back to their blog.

4. In the same post, share 7 completely random pieces of information about yourself.

5. In the same post, include this set of rules.

6. Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination by posting a comment on each of their blogs.

7 random things about me

  1. I bake when I am worried My mind is constantly thinking. Not productive stuff, just randomly rambling on inside of me, which is especially annoying, when the stuff it says is negative. So to distract myself from that pesky voice, I bake: The more complicated the recipe the higher my anxiety level. When I bake, I am so concentrated on all the steps and the correct measurements, that the voice inside me finally shuts up. I guess I could try training for a marathon, but let’s face it, baking is a lot less physically draining. Everybody in my appartement building loves this approach of mine. One of my neighbours actually confessed, that he prefers me unhappy to happy, because unhappy get’s him german chocolate cake. Isn’t it great to see how unselfish the world around us is?
  2. I never got that darn pony I wanted for christmas, birthdays or good grades I’m a woman, which means at some point I was a girl (I might still turn into a lady someday, but I’ll let future-Kianys deal with that). I loved horseback riding and I wanted my own pony. I think I asked for it for every possible gift day for about 8 years. The first time I asked for a pony, my father got me a stuffed animal. For my next birthday I was more precise and asked for a pony, that was not a stuffed animal and so my dad got me a little figurine. I guess, if I would have been a bit smarter, I would have asked for a real alive pony that I can ride on and call buttercup and maybe then I would have had a more enjoyable time, but as it was I was a bit slow and thus collected quite a lot of figurines, bead spreads, books, earrings, candles and stuffed pony animals over the years
  3. I killed my first pet hamster Maybe because he wanted to make up for the pony issue (or maybe because I didn’t get a puppy either, or pet tiger – those were my top 3), but I had a lot of the really boring pets growing up: hamster, bunnies, mice – the usual. Honestly, those are no fun for kids – especially the hamster. I mean for starters a hamster’s nocturnal! In any case, I didn’t want to except that my hamster (“Flash” just in case you were wondering) wouldn’t at least run in his little wheel every day for a couple of minutes for my amusement. I spent hours (or maybe just minutes, who knows kids have a different sense of time) getting him out of his little house where he was cuddled up asleep in the hay and putting him in his wheel. He would try to turn around and go back to sleep, but I wasn’t having it. I’d force him to stay in his wheel until he did at least a couple of spins in it, before he was allowed to go back to sleep. One day he escaped and we later found him dead behind the fridge in our kitchen. You see, me sleep depriving and torturing my hamster drove him to the extreme and he chose suicide over life in my proximity. I’m sorry, but this just would not have happened, if I had gotten a pony, puppy or pet tiger in the first place
  4. I’m related to the composer Robert Schumann Okay, it’s not the immediate relation, it’s more of the he-was-my-great-(great ?)-grandfathers-cousin-relation, but it still counts! Just in case you were wondering, musical talent is not genetic. Neither me, nor my cousins show any particular talent in that area. We don’t break glass when singing or anything, but there just isn’t anything special there either.
  5. I have a series of birthmarks on my upper right thigh that kind of looks like the big dipper There really isn’t a back story to this one. They are there and when I was a child I connected them with a felt tip marker and sometimes secretly though that this was a sign of God telling me, that I was chosen for greater things, but seeing as it never happened, I guess I was wrong.
  6. I forged my dad’s signature in 2nd grade I don’t know, maybe to you this is not a big deal. Maybe you always forged your parents signatures on absence slips or bad test results. I didn’t. Not because I was little goody-two-shoe’s, I just couldn’t be bothered. I was (with the exception for math) a streight A student, because I loved school (and yes, I know this is nerdy), I loved to learn. In any case, I got a “C” on my math test (my first C ever) and I was too ashamed to have my dad sign off on it, so I forged his signature. Not 100% sure what gave me away, but I am guessing it was the fact that I used a pen with pink-glittery-ink.
  7. I was a nude art model There is not really a huge back story to this one either. I was in law-school and constantly broke. I was working at the schools library and tutoring on the side, but still it never seemed to to add up at the end of the month, so I took a job at an art school close by as a nude model. They paid me 25 bucks an hour for 3 hours, which was more money than I could make anywhere else (except maybe stripping, but like I said, I am klutzy so that probably wouldn’t have worked out). One thing I got out of this job (in addition to a real cool nude study of myself I received as a gift from one of the artists) is an out most respect for nude art models. You thought training for a marathon’s exhausting? Try holding a pose (any pose!) for 15 minutes without moving one inch!

So now I am supposed to nominate 15 fellow bloggers. Sorry, I can’t! I really don’t read that many blogs and I had trouble nominating 5 for the “Liebster Blog Award” all ready. The following is the best I can do:

  1. I only just came across this extremely talented lady (and it might have been because of a nomination, but I am not sure). You know how you have to distinguish between bloggers and writers? Well she’s definitely the latter. Also because she hasn’t been published yet (which I can’t understand for the life of me) she writes her amazing short stories right here on WordPress for everybody to read. You should give her a try: She is amazing – so B.B. this one’s for you!
  2. Angie is phenomenal and she’s a born winner! She wins everything around, so it just wouldn’t be right not to nominate her for this (it’s somewhat of a rule of nature you see, like gravity). If you like a nostalgia trip to the 80’s, or humour, or just random childhood stories – she’s your girl – Thank you for making me laugh, Angie!
  3. I should have nominated this next blogger for the “Liebster Blog Award” – I really should have and I felt bad, that I didn’t. I love the dog-narration-idea, it’s not just creative, but very nicely applied. So I’ll try to make amends by nominating her for the “Versatile Blogger Award” in hopes that she’ll forgive me. Please, rumpy dog, say you will?!
  4. I really, really, really want to nominate Erik. Simply because he is “he” – if that doesn’t make any sense to you, than you have not read his blog yet (head on over now – you are missing out on a wonderful read and an even better guy!) – I am 99.9% sure he’s already been nominated, but honestly, I don’t care! This is about showing appreciation to people who I find special and this list just wouldn’t be complete without him – Sue me!
  5. Some people receive an award, because they have done something in the past, some people because you expect them to do great things in the future (and some like me are just plain lucky!). This next girl only just started posting. I believe it’s her second post up. However, I find her to be remarkable and I believe she has so much to offer in the future. She had an abortion in a country where those are illegal far away from her family. She’s struggling, but not falling and looking for a connection here. Maybe a see a bit of myself in her when I first started. In any case, I think you should keep an eye out for, just in case! Thank you for your honesty, Sarah

So, that’s all folks – I am sure there are many out there deserving of this reward, that I just haven’t found yet.

If you know anyone, even if you haven’t been nominated her let me know and I’ll check out their blog and if I like I’ll pass on the award. -Seriously!

This is a win-win-win situation:

  • I win because I get to read tons of new great blogs
  • The person you “nominate” wins because they receive this awesome award
  • You win, because if the person you “nominated” is not a complete douche (in which case you should not nominate them in the first place!) they will in turn nominate you

After all, we are all winners, right?!