130 Of 365 (366) For 2012

[ All credit to eugkyr, whose lovely picture may be found here. ]


“Most people miss their whole lives, you know.


Listen, life isn’t when you are standing on top of a mountain looking at a sunset.

Life isn’t waiting at the altar

or the moment your child is born

or that time you were swimming in a deep water and a dolphin came up alongside you.


These are fragments.

10 or 12 grains of sand spread throughout your entire existence.


These are not life.


Life is brushing your teeth

or making a sandwich

or watching the news

or waiting for the bus.

Or walking.


Every day, thousands of tiny events happen

and if you’re not watching,

if you’re not careful,

if you don’t capture them and make them COUNT,

your could miss it.


You could miss your whole life.”


[ Toni JordanAddition ]