People Who Don’t Know Me Think I’m Awesome

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.”


[Helen Keller]



In all honesty, I might have read a similar post somewhere at some point which seems like eons ago, but since I can’t fully remember it might just be my overly vivid imagination.

In any case, I am always blown away by the apparent impact I have on spammers.

One told me recently:

“Thank you so much for your great advice. All my family agrees that the advice given here is great and now I will go back to school.”

This was a spam comment left in reply to my incoherent ramblings on the advantages of waterproof-anything.

Although I am quite flattered, that someone out there feels the need to share this post with their loved-ones and in the aftermath decides to go back to school, I am pretty sure the only advice you could get out of this post is:

“Don’t post, when / if you are in an overly melancholy mood – or do, but be prepared that people will try to link adds for vibrators and such to it in an attempt to cheer you up”

(Although the vibrator spam link might have been in response to the beloved and versatile post, in which case I didn’t need cheering up, but I really can’t remember)

Actually, I quite like those little spam comments. Like them enough to actually consider not trashing them, but adding them as legit comments to my posts.

Why” you ask? – Well, simply because it would be neat to write something, that in turn would encourage someone else to go back to school, or change their life or spend some time with their family reading my posts.

Not only do they make me feel special, but they definitely beat vibrator, weight-loss or breast-enhancement adds.

Now if only the people who do know me would concur, but I guess there really is no sense in being greedy.

Since my words, obviously, have tremendous impact on all those out there (well at least the spammers) – let me leave you my sincere best wishes for 2012 and may we all be surrounded by people, who think we are awesome; – even if they don’t know us.

Update 01/03/12:

This is my new favorite spam-comment – Genius: