The Playlist Continued Or Stuff That Should Be On Your MP3 Player On Mondays


“Those who dance are considered insane

by those who cannot hear the music.”

[ George Carlin ]




Some time back I posted an orchestrated visual of my typical saturday night.

Looking back I realised that was incredibly selfish of me.

Not only did I tease you by allowing you just a tiny glimpse at my incredible good taste in music, but I also failed to provide you with a non-danceable* soundtrack for the other days of the week. I’m sorry. I really don’t know what to say for myself (I’d like to be able to say that my lack of manners results from having been raised in a barn, but I firmly believe that starting an honest and sincere apology with a lie is never the best start.).

But, as so many other sinners that have wronged you throughout your life, I plan to set it right. And not only do I plan to do so, but I’ve decided to start my road of redemption immediately (No time like the present, ey?!).

So there you have it:

The Playlist Continued Or Stuff That Should Be On Your MP3 Player On Mondays

[ “Away Frm U”Oberhofer]

[ “Anything You Want Dear”Zeus ]

[ “Old Friend”Caveman ]

[ “It’s Only Life”The Shins (live version)]

[ “All Of Me”Tanlines ]

[ “Golden Eyelids”Lost In The Trees ]

[ “You Think I Don’t Know (But I Know)”Morningbell (live version)]

[ “Why Would You Not Want To Go There”Hoots and Hellmouth (live version) ]

[ “Jules”The Wedding Present ]

[ “The Girl From The DDR”The Wedding Present ]

[ “California”Delta Spirit ]

[ “Positive Vibes”Freshkills ]

[ “Stay Home Tonight”Cains and Abels ]

[ “Starling”This Many Boyfriends” ]

[ “Noah’s Ark”The Shutes ]

[ “The Day After Tomorrow”Autumn Comets ]

[ “Never Go Away”Drowner ]

[ “Anna” Freundeskreis (Soulfood Remix) ]

[ “Gimme More”Sia ]

[ “Kirsten’s Beach”The Pecadiloes ]

*Disclaimer: Some to all of the songs may be danceable per sé. It might be that the lack of dancibility stems from me generally dancing like a white boy.


My Boring, But Absolutely Pleasing, Not Danceable Saturday Night Playlist

“Old age is like everything else.

To make a success of it,

you’ve got to start young.”


[Fred Astaire]

I’m old.

Not in years.

Considering that 30 is probably the new 20 and with a bit of luck even the new 15 (which would explain the unhealthy shine my skin has taken to over the last couple of days – weeks?), I’m really not old in years.

I know that.

Sometimes, when I see the fresh faces of 25-year-old enthusiastic law trainees right out of law school, I have to remind myself of it, but deep down inside I really know I’m not old.

However, sometimes, that doesn’t stop me from realizing I’m old in the demographic way. The way that advertising companies decide what age group you belong to. The way that fashion designers decide what shirt your supposed to wear.

This age-awareness isn’t a new thing by the way. I think the first time it hit me, was when I was barly nine-teen and all of my first phonetic party memories were sold of to people as “Classic Party Hits”. I hadn’t even begun to live yet, how could anything that had been novel and hip to me only two seconds ago, be considered classic?

But that probably wasn’t the first time I stood out as being old. I was a reader growing up and I quickly progressed from “The Chronicles Of Narnia” to “Love In Times Of The Cholera”.

I raided my father’s study and read everything I could get my hands on (“Joy Of Sex” being among them when I was around eight or maybe nine, which saved my father from having “The Talk” with me, which I’m sure he secretly appreciated).

But wait, I’m digressing.

What I mean is, that I’m not out there clubbing and living it up big time on night streets of Cologne or Düsseldorf. I don’t know the bouncers of the in-clubs. I don’t even know which the new in-clubs are.

I won’t wake up tomorrow with a hang-over.

When people ask, I tell them it’s because I can’t afford it. Because I have another practice exam tomorrow. Because I need to be fit and awake in the morning.

All of that is true, but the real secret is, I enjoy lazily lying on the couch reading blogs, playing little adventure computer games (nothing too exciting) and listening to my own saturday night playlist, which is completely un-danceable and maybe even a bit boring.

This is my favorite night of the week. Ah the crazy hedonism of saturday nights for my old soul.

[“Nothing Like You and I” – The Perishers]

[“Go Outside” – Cults]

[“Love And Some Verses” – Iron And Wine]

[“Paperweight” – Joshua Radin]

[“You and I” – Ingrid Michaelson]

[“Forget Me Not” – The Civil Wars]

[“From Where I’m Standing” – Schuyler Fisk]

[“Marry Song” – Band Of Horses]

[“Better Times” – Beach House]

[“Vinalhaven Harbour” – Stephanie Dosen]

[“Rebellion” – The Arcade Fire]

[“My Dream Girl Don’t Exist” – Neutral Milk Hotel]

[“The Engine Driver” – The Decemberists]

[“Find Home” – The Honey Trees]

[“Who Knows, Who Cares” – Local Natives]

[“Awake My Soul” – Mumford & Sons – Goodbye India Tribute Series]

[“Don’t Ask Me Why” – Laura Marling]

[“Light A Way” – He Is We]

[“Steal His Heart” – Emily And The Woods]

[“Sparks” – Jesse Woods]

[“A Night Like This” – Julie Peel]

[“Quelqu’un M’A Dit Que” – Carla Bruni]

[“Sink In” – The Paper Kites]

[“Cherry Tulips” – Headlights]


[“Good Man” – Josh Ritter]

[“Tell Me In The Morning” – Cold War Kids]

[Sidenote: I’ll let you go with my one of the best encores I coud think of – Unfortunately you will have to follow it to Reverbnation and hit the play button to the left of the screen – it’s to indie to be imbedded here: “Young Goodman Brown” – The Scarlet Furies ]