92 Of 365 (366) For 2012

[ All credit to verdigris jane, whose lovely picture may be found here. ]


“(And the girl said:)

>How should we be able to forget

those ancient myths that are at the beginning of all peoples,


the myths about dragons that at the last moment turn into princesses;



all the dragons of our lives are princesses,

who are only waiting to see us once beautiful and brave.



everything terrible is

in its deepest being something helpless that wants help from us.


So you must not be frightened,

dear Mr. Kappus,

if a sadness rises up before you larger than any you have ever seen;


if a restiveness,

like light and cloud-shadows,

passes over your hands and over all you do.


You must think that something is happening with you,

that life has not forgotten you,

that it holds you in its hand;


it will not let you fall. . . .<”


[ Rainer Marie Rilke ]

59 Of 365 (366) For 2012

[ All credit to silberglanz, whose lovely picture may be found here. ]



peeping among the cloud-wrack above a dark tower high up in the mountains,

Sam saw a white star twinkle for a while.


The beauty of it smote his heart,

as he looked up out of the forsaken land,

and hope returned to him.


For like a shaft,

clear and cold,

the thought pierced him that in the end

the Shadow was only a small and passing thing:

there was light and high beauty for ever beyond its reach.”


[ J. R. R. Tolkien Lord of the RingsThe Return of the King ]