Being More Than “Motherless”

“To be nobody but yourself in a world, which is doing it’s best, night and day, to make you everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.”

[E. E. Cummings]

It’s late here – around 1:40am and I am still awake, thinking. The reason why I can’t sleep is, that I have been thinking about my journey here and trying to figure out where I stand.

If you have spent some time on this blog, or even if you just read the in scripture at the top, you know that I started this blog in attempt to meet other motherless daughters out there who could relate to me.

Looking back at the last couple of days, it almost feel like I lost focus of that and for a while that had me confused. I took a step back and tried to figure out, if I still wanted this blog to be what I intended it to be in the beginning: a safe place for other motherless daughters.

Surprisingly, the answer is “yes”. Very much so! It is so important for me to know, that I and my feelings are not a stranded alien without a mothership on a hostile planet. I need to know, that there are others out there and I need them to know that I here too.

However, I believe the most important part in this journey is me being authentic. Even though I made the conscious decision to remain anonymous, I still want to be all the me there is with the exception of divulging my name.

Well, all the me there is isn’t just a motherless daughter. It’s also funny, crazy, boring, annoying, needy, disciplined, hard-headed, creative, independent, contradictional and a million adjectives that come with being a young woman.

I am more than just motherless and I want to be able to share this more with everybody out there as well.

Funnily enough, I have come to the realisation, that the voice of a motherless daughter is not always faint and sad, sometimes it’s loud and overflowing with life.

And that’s a good thing!