My Life: Reoccurring Characters

We’ve known each other for a bit now and I feel we’ve reached that time where you should meet my family and the other reoccurring characters in my life.

Some have already made their appearance in one or several of my posts others you will meet along the way.

In any case, I always think it’s nice to be able to connect a face to a person, even if it’s only the face of the “actor” I would cast to play the family member / reoccurring character if my life would ever be made into a movie (or are they?).

So without further ado: “Let’s met the folks!”

                                                      Me a.k.a. Kianys or K

.                                                Phil a.k.a. the loving man in my life                                          My Mother and My father (and a tiny me)

                                          My german grandparents (and tiny me)                                                    My american grandfather                                    My american grandmother (and not so tiny me)                                                    My cousin Marc (and me) Now that you’ve met some of the reoccurring characters of my life, let me assure you, that there’s more to come.

I’m blessed with many quirky people in my life and I’m sure they will all find their way into this little gallery sooner or later.

But for now, that’s all – glad you guys could meet one another

6 thoughts on “My Life: Reoccurring Characters

    • Thank you! That’s really sweet! 😀 I haven’t been posting a lot about my reoccuring characters lately, but I think I should try incooperating them again – after all that was the main reason I started my blog in the first place 🙂

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