8 thoughts on “151 Of 365 (366) For 2012

    • Thanks, Erik – You are THE best! There was some sort of bureaucratic screw up so I am still none the wiser today and trying to deal with it – this better be over soon! Hugs 🙂

    • Me too! -You really are such a wonderful person with all your positiv spirit and encouragement – thanks so much! Unfortunately, those s.o.b.’s managed to screw something up, so results aren’t out yet and there’s no telling when (well soon – but you know with the weekend coming up my best guess is monday but who knows?!).

      So frustrating – ah well back to playing this messed-up sadistic ground-hog day version, I guess 😉 Hugs

    • Yeah, I know I should. Right now with all those overpayed idiots have managed to screw up I’m not doing such a hot job at it though – The thoughts aren’t “good” but I think even God will turn a blind eye to me wanting to wring their necks so bad right now 😉

    • Thank you, Worrywart – I really needed to hear that! After all the bureaucratic screw up today of us not receiving the results (and not knowing when we will!) it’s good to hear some soothing words. 😉

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